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How Chrysler And Dodge Have Left Their Imprint On The World

The Chrysler Corporation and Dodge have a long history within the automotive world. The automaker has expanded to a full line of durable trucks, comfortable family vans and passenger cars. Dodge and Chrysler continue to remain a popular choice to many people around the world. Here are a few examples of how they have helped to create history, and not always with their passenger cars and trucks. 

Building the Model T

Yes, the Model-T was created by Henry Ford, but at the time it was designed, Ford was suffering financial issues and had only 12 employees. The Dodge brothers, John and Horace, accepted an offer from Ford to help. They created production drawings and then built all the mechanical parts needed to assemble the vehicles, redesigning the original plans as they went. Their bustling factory had 135 workers that began manufacturing nearly every part of the vehicles. The brothers held a 10 percent share in Ford's company and remained involved until Ford used his profits from the sale of the cars to build a larger production plant. The brothers announced they were parting ways in 1913 and began manufacturing their own automotive line. 

Participating in Battle

Dodge manufactured a line of vehicles that were heavily used during WWII. The Dodge WC54 stayed in use as a field ambulance through the Korean War. Its body design and mechanical systems were not changed during its time in service. It had room for up to seven patients, a large heater for comfort and a foldaway step for accessing the back. The remainder of the WC series of trucks was also used as ambulances as well as command cars, reconnaissance vehicles and much more.

Commissioning the Chrysler Building

The beautiful architecture of the Chrysler Building is what draws attention, but at the time it was built it was designed to be the tallest structure in the world. It was a title it held for only a short period of time before it was outdone by the Empire State Building. The Chrysler Corporation was only headquartered here until the mid-1950s, but its legacy lives on. The 31st floor remains decorated with replicas of 1929 Chrysler radiator caps. 

Chrysler continues to manufacture numerous popular vehicles. Their current line includes those under the Jeep name including the Cherokee, and the Liberty. They also have the Dodge name, and the line of vehicles with the Chrysler name, including the Town & Country minivan, the Chrysler 300 and the 200. Their impact continues as the company works to stay as one of the top automakers in the world. Contact a local dealer, such as Big Sky Dodge Chrysler Ltd used cars, for further assistance.